Professional approach to fire protection using reliable systems and methods

Professional approach to fire protection for your business 

Amber Security Systems Ltd is accredited by BAFE and fully qualified by FIA in maintenance, design, installation and commissioning of fire detection systems. Our works are certified to BS5839-1:2002 standard.

We have been working with businesses of all sizes for many years and have reputation for supplying and installing high quality fire alarms.

We will carry out a free site survey and recommend a system that suits your business and budget. All corporate installations are then carried out by fully FIA trained engineers, with servicing and maintenance provided all year round.

Fully FIA trained engineers

BAFE accredited 

All works fully certified 

Bespoke systems design 

Integrate with intruder alarm to minimise cost 

24/7 monitoring available 



Fire safety systems to protect your business

There are many reasons for choosing Amber Alarms to install and manage your fire safety system. All commercial buildings are legally required to have a basic level of fire protection. It is also a requirement under UK law for businesses to have a compliant and maintained fire alarm installed by a ‘competent person’.Our professional accreditations give you that peace of mind for your workplace.

Poorly fitted designs with substandard components are a dangerous false economy for your commercial premises. Reliability is crucial, both for the safety of your personnel and property and for the economics of your business.

We can help to ensure that your business is fully compliant with fire safety regulations by installing and maintaining systems designed specifically for your business.


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Wireless Graded Fire Alarm Systems

Where cables present is a problem, wireless fire alarm systems can be deployed. Our new range of wireless detectors and control panels ensure coverage can still be maintained whilst complying with all relevant standards.

Many clients have benefited from installing wireless fire alarms in order to protect aesthetics, improve installation speed and add on newer installations to existing systems.

The main difference between wireless fire alarms and hard-wired systems is that no cabling is required to the detectors. Instead, they use radio signals to communicate with the control panel. This results in minimum disruption of the premises during installation and no sight of the cabling.

The advantages of a wireless fire alarm over a cabled system? 

Minimal disruption to your business or routines

Fast installation

No unsightly cabling 

Connecting separate buildings into one wireless fire alarm 

Fire and smoke detectors can be placed in the best location  


We can also provide fire alarm maintenance and monitoring 

The Regulatory Reform (Fire Safety) Order 2005 states that the person responsible for the business must ensure that any facilities, equipment and devices for the provision of fire safety “are subject to a suitable system of maintenance and are maintained in an efficient state, in efficient working order and in good repair”.

We offer a professional maintenance service for fire alarms that we install and can take over the maintenance of existing systems installed by other suppliers. Your fire alarms can also be linked to our Central Monitoring Station. With our operators keeping a permanent watch over your fire detection system, you can rest assured that the fire brigade will be alerted far more quickly than if you wait for the alarm to be raised.


Connect your fire alarm to your local fire brigade response